NCORD's eHealthSystem FAQs


1. How do I register for the NCORD's eHealthSystem?

You can register for the NCORD’s eHealthSystem by visiting www.ehealthcardindia.com > ‘Register’ option. You can register as a User, Doctor, Receptionist, Chemist or a Pathologist.

2. Is the NCORD's eHealthSystem similar to a Health Insurance card?
3. Who benefits from the NCORD's eHealthSystem?
4. Where and how can I use the NCORD's eHealthSystem?
5. How can I use the NCORD's eHealthSystem?
6. How do I pay for the NCORD's eHealthSystem?
7. How much should I pay for NCORD's eHealthSystem?
8. If I go to several different hospitals. Will this card work everywhere?
9. How can I view my data entered into the application?
10. Whom do I contact if I am having trouble with the application?
11. Can the application be used on a mobile, tablet and other devices?
12. What if I lose my eHealthCard?
13. Can eHealthCard book appointments for me?
14. Do I get any discounts through this card?

For NCORD's eHealthSystem users

1. How does the NCORD's eHealthSystem help the patients?

NCORD's eHealthSystem stores the patient's health data including the medical history and the family history. The patients carry the NCORD's eHealthSystem during their visit to the Doctor or Hospital, ensuring that previous medical record is at hand for further diagnosis and medicare. In emergencies, this System can be used by the Medicare service providers to access information about the patient and provide appropriate immediate medical attention.

2. Can my family members use my NCORD's eHealthSystem?
3. How can NCORD's eHealthSystem be used in emergencies? What if the hospital is not a part of NCORD's eHealthSystem Network?
4. Can I change the medical history?
5. Can the eHealthSystem be used for Insurance co-payments/claims processing?
6. Can I add the medical reports and other documents to the eHealthSystem application?
7. How do I delete the information from my NCORD's eHealthSystem?

For Doctors

1. Does the eHealthCard replace the paperwork/prescriptions?
The system will eventually replace the paper work and prescriptions. However, at the moment it runs simultaneously with the manual patient records maintained by all organizations.
2. How do I get access to the patient's records?
3. How can I manage my appointments through this system?
4. Does it read reports for me?
5. Can I take the back up of reports on my computer or in hard copies?
6. Can my subordinate doctors/paramedics fill in patient's details on my behalf?
7. How does data entry take place if other consultant is also involved in the treatment?
8. How does this system help in billing of the patients? Does it take a note/enroll my visit for indoor patients?
9. What is the legal basis for such data keeping?

For healthcare providers

1. What are the benefits of the NCORD's eHealthSystem to the healthcare providers, hospitals, chemists and pathologists?

The benefits to the healthcare professionals like doctors are as follows:

  1. Availability of current medical data at all times
  2. Ability to obtain critical healthcare information from an incapacitated or unconscious patient
  3. Improved communication and information sharing among healthcare providers, physicians, hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies
  4. Reduced administrative workload
  5. Enabling accurate data collection for research purpose, facilitating the evolution from curative medicine to preventive medicine
2. What are the prerequisites for implementation of the EMR system?
3. I have a Healthcare software installed at my hospital. Do I need to replace that system with the Healthcare application?

Customer Support

1. Whom do I contact for help with NCORD's eHealthSystem?

You can write to us by sending an e-mail at "support@ehealthcardindia.com". You can also find answers to your problems using the Help provided with the application.

2. How do I check the status of my Customer Support Query?
3. Whom do I contact for help with NCORD'seHealthSystem online application?
4. Whom do I contact with medical or health queries?
5. Whom do I contact with a complaint or feedback?